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Recycling saves energy costs because it takes less energy to process recycled materials than raw materials. Production of a recycled product reduces greenhouse emissions from factories and industrial plants, therefore harmful gasses emitted through production are also minimized.

Cans & Foil

• Aluminium Cans & Foil

• Tin, steel, bi-metal cans

• Aerosol cans

• Lids from jars


• Cardboard

• Junk mail

• Books & Phone Books

• Egg cartons

• Frozen food packaging

• Paper Bags & Boxes

• Magazines

Bottles & containers labeled   #1 & #2

• Plastic milk containers

• Detergent containers

Bird Netting

Drip Tubing

Drip Tape

Glass bottles & Jars

• Food containers

• Beverage containers


Not acceptable as recyclables:
waxed cardboard, waxed paper, ceramic, large batteries, furniture, styrofoam, mirror, light bulbs.

Recycling of greenwaste feeds and aids the earth. When greenwaste is processed it can be used as a fertilizer, soil ammendment and/or erosion control.

grass clippings, leaves, plant prunings, fallen fruit, weeds, small branches, clean wood.

Not acceptable as greenwaste: cactus, palm, yucca, dirt, pressure treated, glued or painted wood, ash, animal waste.

Electronic Waste: Take all electronic waste to:

                               NCI E-Waste Recycling
                               1625 Commerce
                               Paso Robles, CA 93446

Did you know?

Recycled plastic saves 88% of the energy required to produce plastic from raw materials.




Plastic Bottles



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